10 Little Known Facts About ‘The Lion King’
  • April 11, 2016
  • Zac Ghaffar Co-founder, The Inside Edit

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    Lion King is one of Disney’s most successful animated films, it’s songs and scenes are familiar to almost everyone who hasn’t been living under a rock all their life, and rightly so! The 1994 animated epic left us all enchanted.


    It is simply brilliant, and in my humble opinion, walks all over most of what Dreamworks and Disney have produced since. I have to say it is the one film I was most excited to introduce to my son, who at the time was 2 years old (possibly too young) and when it is played every Sunday he is still spellbound from start to finish.


    We were fortunate enough to see the film’s composer Hans Zimmer live at last week and listening to Circle of Life has inspired me to write a short piece on 10 little known facts about The Lion King.


    1. The movie’s plot is loosely based Shakespeare’s Hamlet – Namely, a man murders his brother in order to gain power and a murdered king guides his son by a ghostly appearance.




    2. The Lion King was the first Disney animated feature to be an original story, rather than being based on an already-existing work.




    3. The original opening to the film was supposed to be a dialogue-heavy scene but directors Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff scrapped it when they heard the final version of “Circle of Life.” It was also the first time Disney decided to use a song as a trailer for a film.


    circle of life


    4. Pumbaa is the first Disney character to ever fart on screen.




    5. The stampede scene with the Wildebeest took CGI animators more than two years to create.




    6. With earnings of over $987 million worldwide as of 2011, the film is the highest-grossing hand-drawn animated film in history.




    7. With over 10 million copies sold, it is also the biggest-selling soundtrack ever for an animated film. Hanz Zimmer also won an Oscar for his score. Disney studio bosses expressed fears that Zimmer would be killed if he went to South Africa, as was seen as a ‘subversive’ by the authorities.




    8. Some people at the studio considered The Lion King the ‘small’ movie compared to the upcoming “Pocahontas”, so they put their “B Team” of creators and animators to work on it.




    9. If Scar’s “Be Prepared” wasn’t creepy enough as it is, the number is actually inspired by an image of Adolf Hitler watching a Nazi procession.


    be prepared scar


    10. Sean connery was originally Disney’s first choice as the voice of Mufasa.


    sean connery


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    Missed anything? Let us know below.


    Here you go,  who can resist a quick watch of Circle of Life?!






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