5 Top Tips On Feeding Products
  • October 10, 2015
  • Leticia Maciel Co-founder, The Inside Edit

    Feeding time, whether by breast or bottle, is one of the most tender and special times you’ll have with your baby. These moments progress into something more familiar faster than expect – a setting around a table where the whole family is together and lots of learning and social interaction takes place. Here are our top tips:

    Clean baby bottles

    Baby bottles and teats should be sterilised every time you use them. Newborns are particularly vulnerable to bacteria. Some bottles offer self-sterilisation.

    Anti-colic bottles

    It would be a good idea to consider these if your baby is suffering from colic (uncontrollable crying). These bottles are designed to reduce the amount of air a baby takes in whilst feeding.



    BPA (Bisphenol-A) is a chemical that is found in baby feeding bottles that are made of Polycarbonate plastic material. It is believed that BPA can leach out of Polycarbonate plastic bottles into baby’s milk and cause problems such as diabetes, breast cancer and hyperactivity in the baby’s adult life. Its best to chose products that are certified BPA free.

    Sippy cups

    A great way to encourage independence. As they grow they want to become more like us so why not encourage them to drink by themselves from their own cup. Some children may take a while before taking to a sippy cup but introducing different types and styles may do the trick.



    It is important to give baby and you a comfortable, uninterrupted moment together to get the most of out feeding. Think about time and energy saving gadgets like breast pumps, bottle prep machines and food processors for later down the line. Such gadgets can make life a lot easier.


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