8 Top Tips On Buying A Pushchair
  • September 24, 2015
  • Leticia Maciel Co-founder, The Inside Edit

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    The truth is babies and toddlers spend a relatively small amount of time on a pushchair, before you know it they will be walking if not scooting around. You may have a baby who loves to be pushed around or that your child is very keen to get walking sooner than expected. The main thing is to make sure that the pushchair you do buy will be the best choice for the whole family and your specific circumstances. Here’s our top tips.

    1. Daily routine

    If you are out and about a lot then think about a lightweight, compact pushchair. If you are an urbanite think about busy spaces you might find yourself in. Remember sometimes people can be disappointingly impatient with you in public.

    2. Try before you buy

    Take the pushchair for a ride with all your belongings, although the pushchair may be light at the beginning once you have your handbag and other items on it you’ll get you a clearer idea on what the pushchair will feel like.

    3. Think about your partner too

    Can it be adjusted for more comfort adequately if he or she is significantly taller or shorter than you?

    4. Storage areas

    If you carry a lot with you or do a lot of shopping then consider the size of basket area and how you can get clever with the areas of the pushchair to store things.

    5. Public Transport

    If you use public transport then having a compact pushchair is key, otherwise you may find yourself unable to hitch a ride at all. Those of us familiar with London buses will know that experience.

    6. Bringing it home

    Consider your home set up, if you are on the top floor without a lift then there are obvious factors to consider but also check your front door size and where you can actually leave the pushchair.

    7. Does it work with your car

    Think about the space the pushchair takes once placed in the car, will there be enough room for shopping or other items. Think about the trips in car that will demand space, you will have a Michael Douglas moment from the film Falling Down if you are tussling with items that keep falling out of the boot.

    8. Stick to your budget

    I know its tempting but you won’t want to be pushing your baby along in something you regret spening money on!

    Missed anything?
    For those of you wisened parents who want to share some insight, let us know your top tips below


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