Alternative Christmas Crackers To Start Your Celebrations Off With A Bang
  • December 18, 2015
  • Rachel Loosley Creative Writer and Social Media Millennial

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    Tired of pulling the same old crackers every year? So are we!

    We think we can do better than a little party hat, an ohhhh-inducing joke, and a funny little comb.

    We’ve rounded up the most explosively exciting crackers to kick start your Christmas dinner with a bang!


    1. The chocolatey cracker

    Chocoholics will go crackers for these adorable sweet treats. Each cracker comes with a penguin or snowman, handmade from the finest dark, white and milk chocolate. These are perfect for any chocolate lovers round the table, and make for a delicious post-dinner snack!

    Chocolate Christmas Filled Mini Crackers by chocolate on chocolate
    £12 + £1.75 p&p,

    Image from

    2. The glamourous cracker

    Why not add a touch of glamour to proceedings and stash some beauty products in your crackers? Either make them yourself and fill them with your favourite glosses and polishes, or go for a pre-made option. Boots have released a set of No.7 crackers which include a choice of nail varnishes and lip balms, and Nails Inc. have also released a set containing a selection of their best selling polishes!

    Image from Pixabay

    3. The colourful cracker

    This is a set that the little ones will love! Get creative with your kids by colouring in your crackers yourselves. They come printed with a monochrome design that’s just begging for a splash of colour. You can also opt to have the names of your guests printed on the tags, too! This is a great way of adding some personality to your dining table this year.

    Colour In Christmas Crackers X6 by Claire Close
    £17.50 + free p&p,

    Image from

    4. The racing cracker

    We have these every year in my house, without fail! These crackers are guaranteed to inject some extra fun (and a bit of ‘friendly’ competition) into your Christmas celebrations. Each cracker comes with a numbered character for you to race against your fellow diners. Every year we’ve had a different character – there’s been reindeer, penguins, christmas puddings, and this year I think it’s Father Christmas himself! These are available to buy from many different retailers, such as Tesco.


    5. The boozy cracker

    This is one that the adults can definitely get behind. Perfect for those who have tirelessly wrapped presents, prepared dinner, decorated and tidied the house, and done all those other Christmas jobs! It’s your turn to relax, and crack open a well-deserved treat, just for grown-ups. Lots of different brands make these boozy crackers, or you can even make them yourself. Raisthorpe have created these Tipple Crackers, which come complete with a hat, a joke, and a 5cl bottle of finest vodka liqueur. Let’s put the ‘merry’ in merry Christmas.

    Raisthorpe Tipple Crackers by Raisthorpe Manor Fine Foods
    £60 + £3.75 p&p,

    Image from

    6. The jammy cracker

    Ideal for guests with a sweet tooth, these crackers are stuffed with pots of luxury jam or marmalade. This award-winning preserve is accompanied by a crown, a joke and a party popper. We think this is going to be a real hit, particulaly with older Christmas cracker fans, especially nans and granddads!

    Jam And Marmalade Christmas Crackers by The Tiny Marmalade
    £35 + free p&p,

    Image from

    7. The board game cracker

    Feeling sleepy after all the turkey and trimmings? Don’t just have a nap! These gaming crackers offer the perfect after dinner activity for you and your family to enjoy. There’s all sorts of gaming crackers you can get, ones that come with bingo cards, ones that come with snap, and even ones that come with a flying sprout game!

    Image from Pixabay

    8. The indulgent cracker

    Now, this is a set of crackers that we know mums everywhere will want to get their hands on. The perfect gift for a someone who deserves a bit of pampering, this cracker is jam-packed with everything needed to completely unwind after a long day. Treat someone to a body wash and balm, both scented with French lavender and cassis.

    Baylis & Harding Midnight Lavender Cracker Set – 4 Piece
    £7 + free p&p,

    Image from

    9. The personalised cracker

    Crackers that are personalised with an image of your family or friends are a great Christmas memento, or make an even nicer gift! We’re not too sure we’d want to pull them though! These can be made online via various websites, like notonthehighstreet, amazon, and lots more!

    Image from Pixabay

    10. The DIY cracker

    And if you still haven’t found exactly what you’re looking for, get crafty and make some of your own design. That way you can fill them with whatever you want! Christmas cracker DIY sets are available to buy all over the place, at craft shops, supermarkets, and (of course) on the internet.

    As well as all these, I’ve also seen crackers that teach you how to make balloon animals, ones with magic tricks, ones crammed with confetti, and even re-useable crackers! You really can get pretty much anything.

    Or, if you want something even more unique, I’ve just bought a pass-the-parcel sprout from my local garden centre!
    There’s a toy under every layer…


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