Alternative Rainy-Day Fun
  • January 6, 2016
  • Rachel Loosley Creative Writer and Social Media Millennial

    With the weather looking pretty drizzly, it’s likely that we’ll be spending some time indoors this month.

    While indoor play might not be quite as good as the great outdoors,

    we think it can be a lot of fun!

    We’ve made a list of our favourite family things to do on rainy days, to hopefully give you some inspiration for next time the heavens open.

    Get baking or cooking (Not necessarily with real food!)

    This is a bit of a staple of indoor fun. Fairy cakes or rice-crispy squares are always a favourite easy bake that kids can help with. Or, if you want to get a bit creative, why not use Play-doh, Lego, or other craft material to make some pretend dishes. You can even get Play-Doh Pizzareia or burger-making sets!

    Make your own…

    Board games, puppets, dolls, colouring books, bracelets, toys – the possibilities are endless! It’s really easy to make loads of unique stuff just with things around the house, e.g pens, paper, toilet rolls, cardboard, paint ect. It’s a great way of killing some time the fun way, and creating something awesome with your kids, too!

    Make up some new games

    Kids love playing their own make-believe games, or playing games based on their favourite characters from books or TV. Or, you could make a pirate treasure-hunt around the house, or play hide and seek! You really don’t need to have loads of indoor space to play these games, you just need to use imagination and some creative thinking!

    Do some writing

    Write letters, stories, poems, whatever you want! Consequences is a really funny game to play – you each have a piece of paper and take it in turns to write the next part of the story, then swap pieces to write the next bit! Or, if your kids are too little for too much writing, why not cook-up a story together, you write it out and they illustrate it?

    Make a pillow fort or den

    This is always a favourite. Use duvets, real pop-up tents, blankets, pillows and whatever else comes to hand to create a kick-ass fort. Take some games, books, and provisions in with you to keep the fun going for as long as possible. It won’t even feel like you’re stuck inside!

    Set up a home-cinema

    Shut out the rain, close the curtains and snuggle down for some movie time. You can even pop your own corn, which is healthier and definitely more fun than just buying it.
    Blankets and pillows are a must.

    Venture out to an indoor soft-play centre

    If everyone’s getting a bit restless, indoor soft-play centres are an option. The only trouble is, it’s likely that every parent in the area will have had the same brain-wave. These are especially good if you want a bit of a break, as the kids can tire themselves out while you have a few minutes to yourself!

    If all else fails…embrace the rain!

    If you can’t stand it any longer, get out in the rain! As long as everyone wraps up warm and gets their wellies on there’s no reason you can’t have a bit of a play outside.

    Puddle splashing and mud-pie making are a must.

    A rainy day is the time perfect to get creative!

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