And the Winner is…
  • March 31, 2016
  • Zac Ghaffar Co-founder, The Inside Edit

    The Inside Edit

    – BATMAN! –


    So I won! … that’s the main thing!


    No of course it’s not, we raised 700 quid or so for the Carers Trust, and raised awareness for the real heroes – the thousands of carers who don’t get much attention or credit for the amazing work they do. If you want to know more about why did this, the backstory as such, check out the earlier post here.


    We created quite a scene in Hyde Park with not just our outfits but our orange filled pushchairs, not all of which made the finishing line.  So here it is, check out our video below


    Warning: some scenes may be disturbing.



    A massive thank you to our pals at CYBEX who provided us with their Iris-M Air pushchairs for the race! It has to be said they were seriously good pushchairs and very much the gear any superhero parent would want.




    We would like to thank everyone who donated and supported us in this event, it wasn’t the warmest of days to thank to for coming out and cheering us on.


    We’d love to raise as much as possible, and there is still time if you would like to donate:

    👉 👈


    Every single donation is hugely appreciated, thank you! 👊🏼








    OKAY I'M ANGRY! If this is not a platform to share your opinions then where else right?! So here it goes, you may have seen Mattel are doing a Barbie version of FRIDA KAHLO, the profoundly inspirational Mexican Artist. Well on the surface it sounds positive – celebrating female cultural icons etc, but it’s in fact not at all what it seems. . . Zac and I adore this woman and are huge fans. Frida Kahlo represented not just a fearless and boundless expression of individuality, but she stood firmly on the side of those in society that were forgotten about. In her art she explored questions of identity, post-colonialism, gender, class, and race in Mexican society. She was simply brilliant, and an inspiration to all us mothers raising daughters. . . Salma Hayek portrayed her brilliantly in the 2002 Bipoic (please watch it if you haven’t already!) and said Frida was “one of the forces that gave me the determination to pursue my career”. . . On to what Mattel are doing. Firstly – despite what some bloggers like to shill on social media, the Barbie doll is not something positive for any child in my view. It does not represent uniqueness, and when Frida becomes SLIM and more LIGHT SKINNED with LIGHT EYES, that’s when lines are being crossed. This is not just cultural appropriation for commercial gain, but the very colonial re-shaping of identity she stood against. . . LEAVE FRIDA ALONE. Rant over. . #fridakahlo #mattel #leaveheralone #views #latin #mexicanculture #salmahayeck #womensday #strongwomen #womenofculture #mummyviews #londonblogger #unique #art #ethnic #celebratinguniqueness #inspirationalwomen #thisisbullshit #barbieisnotunique #notobarbie #femalerolemodels #ithastobesaid
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