Birmingham Baby Show
  • May 24, 2015
  • Zac Ghaffar Co-founder, The Inside Edit


    Last weekend the Top 100 Baby Products team made their first Baby Show appearance in the UK and where bettter than the Birmingham NEC! Check out our video from the event:


    We met with hundreds of parents and parents to be, a wonderful chance to share stories

    and talk about the baby products that really really matter.



    After the battery on our tablet devices ran out we turned to good old fashioned printed paper to capture it all.



    We also listened to what parents really want from the Top 100 Baby Products guide.

    The feedback on the categories, the simplicity and all the key information – all noted.



    One question we hadn’t prepared for was ‘can I buy the guide please?’ – the first of which was asked by a discerning lady who planned her day strategically by coming to our stand first’. We looked at each other blank-faced but of course this meant we had to take down details to register a new subscriber.



    This was repeated another 300 times as subscribers came in thick and fast, all of whom are eagerly awaiting the launch of the inaugural guide this October.



    We had the pleasure of meeting Al – a primary school teacher and passionate dad who bucks the trend with superstar mummy bloggers with Dad Network, a fantastic blog and network of over 600 dads who explained his motivation in creating what he calls an online hub and support system for dads. We will be hearing from more from Al and other dads with their views on top baby products.


    It was great to meet so many brands exbhiting, new and established alike. We had the opportunity to talk to over 30 companies and learn more about the amazing products that make lives for parents so much easier. We would like to thank the exhibtors that gifted us products – ofcourse the Top 100 Baby Products is vote-driven but we are on the look out for the Bonus Categories.


    Our next appearance at a baby show will be in October at Olympia London wtih the release of the official Top 100 Baby Products. We will be there in full force and hope to meet lots more parents and parents to be on the start of their wonderful journey into parenthood with our must-have guide.

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