Easter Eggs for Every Budget!
  • March 24, 2016
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    With Easter Sunday fast approaching, price comparison and shopping site mySupermarket has

    compiled a list of the top three cheapest and most expensive Easter eggs from 13 different retailers.


    Whether you’re a chocoholic, foodie or looking to gift a bite of chocolatey heaven,

    check out this list and save or splurge on the ultimate Easter treat.


    Most Expensive Easter eggs


    1. Heston from Waitrose Dark Chocolate Easter Egg

    Available at Waitrose for £20.


    Heston Easter Egg, My Supermarket

    A dark chocolate shell with edible gold dust and six chocolate mini eggs, in their own vanilla-flavoured nest.


    2. Butlers Milk Chocolate Egg & Truffle Eggs

    Available at Waitrose for £17.50


    Butlers Easter Egg My Supermarket

    Caramel, dark truffle and vanilla truffle, wrapped in delicate pearlised lemon

    or green pastel, tied with a lavender bow.


    3. Linden Lady Extra Large Marbled Egg

    Available at Waitrose for £15


    Linden large easter egg my Supermarket


    A handmade chocolate egg created by special recipes with only the finest natural ingredients

    from a chocolate factory in the heart of the English Countryside.


    Cheapest Easter eggs


    1. Lindt Excellence 70% Dark Shell Egg & Mini Eggs

    Available at Ocado for £7.50


    Lint excellence 70% Easter egg My Supermarket

    A delicious dark chocolate egg with 10 excellent dark chocolate mini eggs.


    2. Booja-Booja Hazelnut Crunch Chcolate Truffles Small Easter Egg

    Available at Ocado for £9.99


    Booja-Booja hazelnut crunch easter egg My Supermarket

    Winner of 19 awards, these melt in your mouth chocolate truffles with sweet,

    roasted Italian hazelnuts are a delicious Easter treat!


           3.Lindt Hello Milk Chocolate Egg with Cookies & Cream Treats

    Available at Sainsbury’s for £10


    Lindt hello cookies and cream easter egg My Supermarket

    The Lindt hello Milk Chocolate Eggs with Cookies & Cream Treats, bring together delicious

    chocolate chip cookie pieces and cream filling with irresistibly smooth Lindt milk chocolate.


    Search the full range of Easter eggs at mySupermarket.

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