Disney Princesses Given A Curvaceous New Look
  • December 18, 2015
  • Rachel Loosley Creative Writer and Social Media Millennial


    British lingerie and swimwear brand Curvy Kate have given our favourite Disney princesses a make-over, and boy do we love it!

    Curvy Kate specialise in lingerie in cup sizes D-K, that are specially designed for fuller busts. They’re on a mission to get women loving their curves.

    The team claim that they ‘thought it was high time we saw some kick ass Princesses that celebrate diversity and beauty in all forms’. We love their thinking, and the results too!

    The re-vamp includes awesome curves, some sweet tattoos, and a radical hair change for one…


    Snow White’s raven locks are exchanged for some beautiful green mermaid curls


    Princess Jasmine looks badass with her new tatts


    Tiana is rocking her new, fuller figure


    How great does Princess Aurora look in her pink two-set?!


    Belle is given some fuller hips, thighs and an injection of sass


    Pocahontas looks naturally fab in this nude two-piece


    And finally, fresh-faced Ariel rocks this hawaiian style number

    So a big thanks to the Curvy Kate team, for showing the world that princesses are made in every shape and size.

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