Don’t Throw Your Relationship Out With The Bath Water! Top Tips for Keeping The Romance Alive
  • December 8, 2015
  • Leticia Maciel Co-founder, The Inside Edit

    It can feel as though, with all the kerfuffle of family life, it is hardly possible to instigate the setting for romance. Date Night and all its promises can easily become a mundane and forced event which becomes shared with strangers in a reasonably priced restaurant.

    But lets not throw the relationship out with the bath water! The faces that often frustrate and annoy us are the same faces that bring us the comfort, security and happiness that can easily be taken for granted.

    10 years later and having thrown myself into the duathalon of 2 kids with my Hubby, I’ll try to share some of the things that have helped us keep the spark alive.

    1. Plan. Having something planned makes it not only more likely to happen but creates a sense of anticipation. Plan not only for the both of you but yourself.

    2. Have a day to yourself. Ladies – go for a mani/pedi and enjoy a good book or magazine of non-baby related stuff. It will slowly bring you back to yourself and your partner.


    3. Date Night / Date Lunch. It can be date breakfast! As long as its about zoning out and making it just about the two of you. Whether it’s dinner and a movie or a spot lunch after a visit to an exhibition, be creative about it and don’t limit the time you give to each other with something forced.

    4. Use your network. Grandparents and extended family are an obvious point of call but if you don’t have such help then think about friends – especially those who are comfortable with your kids and vice versa. They can take them to the park or a soft play area with a packed lunch and have a ball of a time!

    5. Read something together. Start a book together and then discuss it at night, a great way of taking the attention away from yourselves and your troubles (or other people’s troubles).

    6. Listen to music from when you first met. Stir some old emotions and memories that may have slipped away with the everyday chores.

    7. Feel sexy. I know its very cliché and maybe you don’t feel your best but buying yourself some lovely underwear will help your self-esteem. Looking after yourself is the best policy and will only make you a better person to be around.

    8. Make the most of it. If you have one child then its the perfect time to take advantage of freedom that you quickly realise was underappreciated when you expand the family. More kids = more work, more to think about, more to organise with more to coordinate and many more variables!

    9. Say the eternal words. Lastly don’t forget to say the words I love you, I know it seems very cheesy and something that should be a given but we need to be reminded of this and so do the people we care about, that we love them!


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