My 5 Day Body Tonic
  • February 22, 2018
  • Leticia Maciel Co-founder, The Inside Edit
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    The idea of travelling away without kids sounds amazing, but for me it was something alien. I was always tempted by the idea but when it finally came to it I was doubtful.


    Not sure why, perhaps the thought of leaving my family during school term, you know - missing the nursery runs and all the other stuff, it just didn’t feel right! I wasn’t convinced.


    Zac however was pro travelling, saying with alarming re-assurance “it’ll be great, you can spend time on yourself, meet new people, eat amazing food, enjoy the weather”. I couldn’t help but stare at him wondering “what’s the catch here mate?!”


    So when I invited by Lou Casteou on a 5 day body tonic experience to the south of France I decided that I’ll do it, hell, why not?!


    I landed at Nice airport and was greeted by the Lou Casteou staff, which was lovely as I was one of the few who had never been there before and was welcomed with every sense of comfort. This helped as I had the ramblings of my kids still knocking around in my head.



    these women look after themselves, I mean really appreciate TIME OUT, and I needed to learn from them!



    The age group of the guests were older, and I did notice myself as one of the younger lot, But these women look after themselves, I mean really appreciate TIME OUT, and I needed to learn from them!


    Some of the guest who had been in the previous years brought their children along with them (I say children, but they were in their early 20’s), which I thought was an amazing idea - to be able to spend time together in that way.


    Arriving at Lou Casteou you are struck by its grand entrance and picturesque setting, nested on the Frenc ver… I mean takes over everything!


    And that was the gist of the 5 days – lots of sun soaked activities mixed with evenings where one could get dolled up. The Itinerary was laid on the nightstand so you knew exactly what to expect, and what you could get involved in.


    I’d like to think I lost weight but the food was so good I might have gained some instead.






    Lou Casteou was fully equipped with all you can imagine. All the bedrooms had amazing views (I went into all of them!) and the bathrooms were very large,….large enough to make me think about how amazing it is to just spread my things out. Normally it’s the kids stuff that takes over… I mean takes over everything!


    I met some lovely people whom seemed young at heart and happy to chat by the pool, I found myself having long conversations where we shared all sorts of details – mainly wisdom from their side and latent cries of help from mine. Someone suggested I !




    Someone suggested I take a long bath to relax, I know it sounds crazy but I haven’t taken a bath in 6 years!



    So overall what did I take from this experience? Apart from the fact that I’ve never left my kids for longer that one day it was worth taking time out for me and learning about myself again.


    I think as a mother it’s always hard to be you with all the commitments. Lou Casteou offers you an experience that is completely for you, and it helps you get your groove back for sure!






    At the end of the 5 days I spoke to the younger guys and girls who came with their parents, and asked them how they found it and whether they would come again. Interestingly, they all mentioned being a little nervous at first but in fact enjoyed, more than anything, spending time with their mothers. How cute right?



    leticia maciel



    Body tonic runs throughout the year so make sure you check it out. It is reassuringly well priced, for what you get, and I’m sure Morag would love to hear from you if you wanted to get in touch. The website is linked below so check out what they offer with the 5 day package.





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