Notting Hill Carnival After Grenfell – A Vlogumentary
  • September 10, 2017
  • zac the inside edit

    Carnival this year has meant something different to a lot of people. The Grenfell disaster, in which a large residential building was engulfed in flames like a towering inferno - akin to something out of a horror film - has been etched into peoples hearts and minds. The event took place in its shadow with a more respectful and considered tone.


    Grenfell now joins a long line of this capital's long history of communities struggling against deprivation and neglect. Struggling for change and sometimes against change. In fact Carnival itself is the product of such circumstances, it followed years of unrest and riots and the community decided to express it's culture and unique heritage with a celebration like nothing seen in all of Europe. Its now Europe's largest street festival, attracting over 1 million visitors a year and bringing over £90 million to the capital.


    The event remains a sticky point for authorities trying to move it out of the area and the media don't always show it in the best light - every year you'll hear of muggings, stabbings and other frightening incidents. The authorities remain keen to move it away from what is now some of London's wealthiest streets. But proportionally Carnival has less offences than Glastonbury Festival but never seems to shrug off the negative image.


    Notting Hill was our old neighbourhood, where we meet each other as students, started our life together and had both our kids. It is truly a tale of two neighbourhoods with property prices, gentrification and governent cuts changing the social landscape considerably. But Carnival is where none of that matters. For 2 days you can forget all that and remember what makes us, as a collective most happy - coming together and having a good time!




    Of course, one should always be careful in such events to remain vigilant and careful of your surroundings, but what we want to do is show you how, despite what you read and hear, it is a very welcoming and friendly event.


    It's full of music, food, dance, colour and life!  Whatever your age, whether single or as a family - Carnival is a blast. It allows ordinary people to take part in something special and rub shoulders with all sorts. So check it out here, our vlogumentary of Carnival after Grenfell.






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