Our Love/Hate Relationship with the Kardashians – But Are We More Similar Than We Thought?
  • December 21, 2015
  • Rachel Loosley Creative Writer and Social Media Millennial


    So it turns out we might have a little something in common with the Kardashian clan after all…

    Those of us who have moved back in with the parents at some point in our lives know it can be a bit tricky. Silly little arguments can soon take on a life of their own, and things like space and privacy become a real issue.

    Last night’s episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians showed that it doesn’t matter how many millions you’re worth, even the rich and famous struggle with these family issues.

    Back in 2013 when North was just a bump, Kim and husband Kanye bought a 20-million-dollar mansion in LA, only to decide it needed an extreme makeover before they could possibly move in. Momager Kris Jenner was only too happy to have them to stay…at first.



    Kim commented on the move during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Saying:

    “After a year and a half, she [Kris] got really crazy with us and pretty much, not kicked us out, but just was really anxious to get us out. She thought I just got too comfortable and I was starting to rearrange all her furniture in order, different wallpaper. I was going crazy with some of the things in her house, so I wanted to make changes and she wasn’t having it. It’s better that we’re out.”

    After an extended stay of over a year, the Kardashian-Wests moved into their brand new luxury pad, only to decide in March of this year that it still wasn’t quite to their liking. When Kris agreed to take them in again, we all knew there were bound to be fireworks – and they haven’t disappointed!

    There’s been ‘debates’, spats, and palpable tension:

    It all finally came to a head on lasts nights ep, when Kris told Kim to pack her things and move out. This most recent fight was down to the fact that Kris had still been in contact with Khloe’s ex, Lamar, and went as far as to give him Khloe’s new number. Mums meddling in love lives is never going to go down well. The final straw was Kim calling Kris out as being a bad mother, after which Kris stormed out and sent Kim a message via Kourtney saying ‘get out of my house…she will be moved out by the time she gets home.’

    Ohh the drama.


    Kourtney reading Kris’ message to kim

    While this may look like their biggest bust-up yet, we find it hard to believe that Kris would send her (at the time) heavily pregnant daughter away. A makeup is surely on the cards.

    But why is it that we can’t help watching this family’s crazy shenanigans? Dr Susan Krauss Whitbourne of Psychology Today claims that reality TV gives us the opportunity to ‘compare ourselves with other people involved in situations that we may wish we could be in, or are glad we’re not.’ In other words, we like to see people who are in real-life situations, or indeed who are the same boat as us. This is definitely true of the most recent Kardashian family escapades, as who doesn’t know what it’s like to argue with your family!?

    The only small differences of course being the mansions, the designer clothes, the millions of dollars…

    Yeah, we’re basically the same…

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