Saint West – What’s In a Name?
  • December 8, 2015
  • Rachel Loosley Creative Writer and Social Media Millennial


    North, east, saint, west.

    Last night Kim Kardashian-West took to Instagram to announce the news the internet has been waiting for. Since Saturday Kardashian fans have been waiting with baited breath for the celebritot’s name to be revealed.

    Since the news broke that Kim was expecting her second child, rumours of potential names have spread like wildfire. Stemming from ‘insider’ information and social media speculation alike, Easton West appeared to be the front runner. As you can imagine, there were mixed reactions.





    The public were also quick to come up with suggestions of their own…




    Kimye seemed to have moved away from compass points, (for now at least), and have named the newest member of the Kardshian-West clan, Saint West. According to E! News the decision was made because the bouncing baby boy was “a blessing”, especially because of the difficulties during her pregnancy. Aw. Well, it definitely could have been worse.



    Speaking of ‘unusual’ name choices…

    Every year the Baby Centre release a list of the names that are most likely to be popular with new parents in the coming year.

    Some of their punts for 2016 include Atticus, Cairo, Huxley, Astrid (which, until now, I believed to be made-up for an episode of the US Office), Queenie, and for all those Game of Thrones fans– Khaleesi.

    Following this fantasy-inspired trend, the names Arya and Theon have also shot up in popularity since the first season of GOT aired back in 2011. With season six fast approaching, who knows what new weird and wonderful names will emerge.

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