School Results…Panic, Fear, Relief!
  • April 20, 2016
  • Leticia Maciel Co-founder, The Inside Edit

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    You know that feeling when you’re expecting your first baby and you wake up in the middle of the night randomly? You can’t sleep – mostly because of the excitement, and secondly because you don’t know what to expect. This is how I felt waiting for the school results for my son! All those months waiting around wondering what school he’ll be going, what his friends will be like, and of course, the parents (the wonderful world of forced interaction that you’re thrown into).

    Just one of the many things they don’t warn you about when you’re expecting.


    According to the Evening Standard,
    some 3,500 kids in London
    didn’t get a place at all!


    Not only am I relieved that my son got one of my top 3, but also that I can now sleep and not wake up in the middle of the night wondering for hours “what will I do if he doesn’t get into my preferred school?!” According to the London Evening Standard, some 3,500 kids in London didn’t get a place at all!

    With the wait done and dusted I aim now to give my son the best summer before term starts, and fun filled memories. I feel I also need to give him the right tools needed for starting school and meeting new friends (SO I HOPE). My son will be the youngest in his class and will be entering a whole different ball game. Gosh just the idea of it scares me but at this point I can stop wondering and concentrate on the task ahead.

    Get out there, do the research,
    visit the schools and
    chat with parents at the school gates


    For those of you reading this who are probably more organised than myself – get out there, do the research, visit the schools and chat with parents at the school gates (I know sounds crazy but it works). That’ll give you some idea of the kind of the schools that are available for you. We all need to do different things to be satisfied with the decisions we make, just don’t be too hard on yourself.

    All in all these last 3 months have been hard, (dare I say it), harder than childbirth! But I’m glad it’s over and we can finally begin to have more fun, as mummy wont be so stressed anymore!

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    There is a palpable sense of confusion and now anger. There is no coordinated efforts from the council to organise people or the thousands of donations coming in. It's chaotic. . . The community have taken the lead and are providing all the support and assistance. Police are stopping people without wristbands in certain areas. . Information is slow in coming through and families affected are starting to question what's going on. "17 dead, come on!" The media aren't reporting a lot of what has and is happening, like the Muslim boys returning home from Ramadan prayers who pushed past the police to get people out. . kids talking about where their friends are, and there are a very concerning number of kids missing from classrooms. A mother told us yesterday that it "simply doesn't make sense". . Our PM has announced a Public Inquiry, when in fact it's an INQUEST that is needed. The former is government lead and the latter gives a voice to the victims. . These people have been let down BEFORE, DURING and now AFTER this horrific incident. Is it because they're poor? It seems as though this is very much a class and race issue? Is it a tipping point? I hope so. . . #grenfelltowerfire #realheroes #glenfelltower #communitylove #change #togetherwecanmakeadifference #forthemanynotthefew #londonfire #londoner #london4all #thisislondon #londonist #speakout #justiceforall #latimerroad #northkensington #communityspirit #seektruth #equalityforall #inquestnotinquiry #endausterity #peopleoverprofit
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