Top Tips On Baby Toys
  • October 14, 2015
  • Leticia Maciel Co-founder, The Inside Edit

    Baby sitting with teddy bear

    Age appropriate

    Always select toys (and check they are playing with toys) that are designed for their age group. Pay attention to any safety notices that may apply.

    Stimulate the senses

    The more senses they can use when playing with a toy the better. Don’t forget texture along with music – both of which can help sooth and settle your baby.

    ‘Open your mouth’

    Most toys do tend to end up in your babies mouth, so do look for toys that are washable or include non-toxic information on the label.

    Hand to eye coordination

    When babies start to sit up they begin developing their hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills. Anything that can withstand some banging is a good idea and think about toys that encourage your baby to stretch and reach out for things.

    Make a safe environment

    Consider the surroundings and ensure a safe play area is created. Inspect it for any sharp objects and edges, you want them to crawl and explore safely.

    Small and Large

    Mix up the toys to include both small and large ones, the variety is good for them and helps with their development.

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