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  • May 4, 2016
  • Leticia Maciel Co-founder, The Inside Edit

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    When facing parenthood there are several things you can never really be fully prepared for. Not only was I not prepared for a baby with severe colic, but two children under the age of 2- one who had a dislike for food and the other who ate absolutely everything and anything. Check out my tips on how to survive weaning with two children under the age of 2.

    1.     Always think in advance of recipes that you would like to experiment with for your baby and toddler.

    2.     Preparing in advance is key as there are days (most days, actually) when youll be too tired to cook. Running around with 2 small kids is exhausting, and the spare time you do have youll want to spend on yourself.

    3.     Invest in some great practical tools. Please see the bottom of this post, these products helped me massively and now I use them for my own meals!

    4.     Freezing your food is amazing – gosh it helped me tremendously. These are great when you need food fast! My son has recently started loving avocados and of course he mentioned that he prefers it cold! (YES SIR) so instead of leaving it in the fridge as a whole, Ive mashed the Avocado in ice cube containers – you can pick one up Ikea.

    5.     Once your baby is more comfortable with food, I would consider cooking a large pot for the whole family. If you are anything like me and enjoy salt, it can always be added on your plate after youve served up. It also gives everyone a good chance to eat more healthily, as well as the most important time saving factor. If your hubby is a massive meat-eater then grill a whole chicken and keep it in the fridge for a few days, then add if you wish.

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