What I REALLY Want for Mother’s Day
  • March 6, 2016
  • Leticia Maciel Co-founder, The Inside Edit

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    I’ve made a wish-list full of the things Mums really want this Sunday!


    Mother’s day is looming and all I can see are cheesy hallmark cards as well as

    the typical flowers, gifts, and let’s not forget – chocolates.


    Instead, I’ve written a wish list for both my husband and kids filled with stuff

    that would make my Mother’s Day a real treat.


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    1. No bad moods in the morning…


    2. Please say you’ll get ready yourself, and dress your sister while I have a cup of tea


    3. Let daddy know exactly what he needs to pack for a weekend away without needing my advice


    4. No screaming in the car for things that are just not possible

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    5. ‘Mummy you can listen to all your favourite songs today.’  


    6. ‘Today I’ll finally be able to use the potty by myself!!’ (YAY)


    7. Warn me in advance that you’re hungry and then eat all 

    the green vegetables on your plate.


    8. ‘Today mummy you can wear what you like and we promise we wont get it dirty…’


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    9. ‘Today we’ll make our own fun and won’t need to ask you to entertain us.’


    10. ‘I will tidy all my toys today and wont make a mess in your room.’


    11. Lastly – ‘Mummy we love you and couldn’t do all the things we do without you

    – so from now on everything on the wishlist will be done on a daily basis,

     not just on Mothers Day!!’  


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     Now THAT is the kinda mothers day I want… 


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