Why we Love Zara Kids
  • January 13, 2016
  • Rachel Loosley Creative Writer and Social Media Millennial

    Clothes for kids that are stylish but don’t cost the earth?

    Yes please!

    As many parents will know, kid’s clothes can be expensive.

    Finding a brand that combines comfort, quality, value for money, and style is much easier said than done.

    It doesn’t help that by the time you’ve found something decent for a reasonable price, jackets are soon outgrown, knees are ripped, and unexplainable stains turn up everywhere.

    Luckily for us, we’ve found a brand that ticks all the boxes.

    Zara Kids

    Their garments are inexpensive and bang-on trend.


    With a size range of 0 months – 14 years, Zara has got all bases covered.

    The looks available for each age group are clearly influenced by the latest trends. In the 4-14 years category there are faux leather jackets, ripped and paint splattered jeans, and oversized ponchos, which have all been recent high-street hits.

    Some of the garments look just like miniaturised versions of things available

    in Topshop or River Island!

    As well as the more on-trend items, there’s also cutesy prints and illustrated T’s that kids love. There’s also a lot of Star Wars themed T’s and jumpers in the boy’s section at the moment, for any fans of The Force Awakens.


    What parents will love even more than the designs is the price-tag. With the majority of T’s being £10 and under, and the fancier jackets being more like £20-£35, you really do get good value for money. The jeans are priced between £12 and £20, making the super fashionable ripped skinnies a bargain.

    This reasonable price doesn’t mean lack of quality either, as all the garments are made of high quality material that can take some wear and tear!


    With the January sales in full swing, we know where we’ll be headed to get some bargains for the little ones!

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