Baby Gift Ideas that won’t Break the Bank
  • October 19, 2015
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    It is always an exciting time when a new baby is announced. Friends and family can be keen to get involved and help with new baby gifts, baby shower ideas and baby hampers. Help them to help you and your bump by creating a baby gift checklist full of newborn baby gifts which are useful as well as lovely!

    Here are three things to consider when asking for newborn baby gifts. It’s also a great place to start if you’re looking for newborn baby gift inspiration too!


    1. Let people know what you are missing
    There are hundreds of products on the market which promise to help you give your newborn the best start. Talk to friends and family and draw up a list of what is really an essential and what is nice to have. Then you can divide your list up and have new baby gifts which are both thoughtful and functional.


    2. Build your own hamper requests
    Ask friends for baby gifts which are useful as well as gifts which are beautiful. Top things to place in a personalised hamper include clothes, accessories and nappies. They many not all be glamorous but everything is a gift at 4am when you realise you have run out of an essential item mid change!


    3.Baby Shower ideas
    More and more parents are hosting baby showers and they are a great opportunity to ask for newborn baby gifts! There are loads of baby shower ideas out there and you could ask guest to stick to a theme for baby gifts too. Betters still if everyone brings a pack of something essential so you can start stockpiling your baby products cupboards long before bump arrives!


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