Cologne Trade Show
  • September 17, 2015
  • Zac Ghaffar Co-founder, The Inside Edit



    KIND + JUGEND 2015
    Köln Germany

    Last week we found ourselves in Germany at the world’s largest trade show for kids’ first years.

    The airport terminal like entrance and vast internal floor spaces housed over 100,000 square meters of exhibition space for products including prams, buggies, joggers, carrier systems, car seats, nursery furniture, home textiles, indoor and outdoor safety products, babies’ and childrens’ fashion, maternity wear, toys and games of all kind for all age groups, learning, reading, multimedia, baby and mother health & care. There were alot of exhibitors basically – over 1,050 to be more precise!


    The show presented brands with an opportunity to showcase some of their hottest new products, like cybex’s Guinness World Record breaking GB Pocket Stroller which can fold into the size of carry on hand luggage and in some instances, attention grabbing shockers like this rose gold laden pram costing an eye watering £40,000!

    It was undoubtedly an eye opening experience, hundreds of new baby gear will be hitting the market next year with lots of new brands offering ever more solutions to the early years parenting experience.




    iCandy had a couple of very stand out products for 2016 – they introduced us to their sleek MiChair, a new modular system highchair which can be used with or without a tray. The MiChair can also become a low level chair or rocking chair for a child’s bedroom. They also showed us the MiPeach, a two way facing toy pushchair that looks just like the iCandy Peach! The large underbasket is great for storing toys and the adjustable harness keeps precious toys safe and sound. A good Christmas gift we think.


    Some highlights on this quite remarkable German city. Standing tall is the city’s breath-taking cathedral which you cannot fully appreciate without having a sore neck afterwards, and around the corner is Fruh – a baby friendly brewpub gorgeously decorated in an early 20th-century brauhaus style that serves fresh local beer in half pints. If you ever happen to visit this establishment remember to place your coaster on top of your glass to signal when you’re finished drinking otherwise the beer keeps coming.



    Lastly, a staple of childhood sugar rushes with the semi-bearable jingle, Haribo, has it’s headquarters in nearby Bonn. As I pick from a range of eye watering sweets at a small Haribo shop we stumbled across are informed of the legend HANS RIEGAL BONN himself, the legacy of becoming the world’s largest manufacturer of candy and a local factory which is a Charlie-and-the-chocolate-factory moment perhaps for the next visit.



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