The PRIVACY Conversation with my Toddler
  • April 4, 2016
  • Leticia Maciel Co-founder, The Inside Edit

    Since we live in a world where simply trusting people is no longer an option,

    I took it upon myself to teach my kids the meaning of privacy – I mean in the body parts department.

    Now I know they’re only 2 and 3 but at the age of 1 ish my son was really aware of his willy, and soon after my daughter turned 1 she was also curious about her private parts. I know its silly but I don’t really like the term v*****na lol! So I decided to call it her flower.

    My son soon came to realise that his sister did not have a willy, instead she has a flower and it’s important that this is their privacy and no one should ever touch it. So much so that they’re now constantly telling other and family members that they need their privacy when they use the toilet and wipe their bottoms. My daughter has only really recently started potty training successfully and now also wants to have privacy in the toilet. Although they still do bath together!

    I know some may think that this is too early to bring up this topic with kids, but in actual fact at this age children need to learn the importance of their bodies and how to always communicate that with you. Kids are very intuitive, they get it and they keep things simple and real so why not explain the simple mechanics of their body parts?

    I tend to have very good conversations with my 3-year-old about life, and sometimes I put his eyes on and see the world through him and through him the world seems like an exciting and wonderful place – gosh I don’t want to ruin it for him. So you may think of it as too soon, but try it and at least you know you’ve set your child with guidelines about himself and boundries other people and strangers can’t cross.

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