Hilarious Gifts for New Parents
  • March 23, 2016
  • Rachel Loosley Creative Writer and Social Media Millennial

    Catastrophe - gifts for bewildered new parents!

    Catastrophe – Channel 4


    Need a gift for some new parents? Call off the search! We’ve found just what you’re looking for…


    What better way to welcome your pal’s bundle of joy than with a hilarious mug or slogan T?



    a fail-safe gift for any occasion

    mug 1

    notonthehighstreet.com/LuckyRoo £14.50 + FREE P&P

    Say congratulations with a mug. There’s loads of options out there, but we love this ‘raising mini-humans’ mug. A lot of us need our morning coffee at the best of times, but it’s a whole new ball game for first-time mums and dads.


    Emergency alcohol

    No explanation necessary

    booze 1

    notonthehighstreet/WhiskHampers £21.50 + 2.75 P&P

    Perfect for kicking back and relaxing (when they get the chance), this ‘Emergency Gin and Tonic Kit’ is ideal for parents who enjoy/need a tipple. We know new parents will love this ‘Single, Married, Kids’ measurement wine glass, too!  

    Single, married, kids - wine glass

    notonthehighstreet/BeckyBroome £22.00 + 2.75 P&P


    Matching T’s

    Matchy matchy

    Matching top - baby and mama notonthehighstreet/TypeOnTop £35.00 + FREE P&P 

    There’s loads of hysterical slogan T’s, jumpers and whatever else you can imagine out there on the internet. This ‘Exhausted and Exhausting’ matching T set is funny and so, so, SO relevant. The hand-drawn design and super soft material make it a great choice for both baby and mum/dad.


    Practical and pretty

    Everything is absolutely completely totally under control

    notonthehighstreet/AlphabetBags £20.00 + £2.75 P&P

    Combine usefulness with hilarity with these awesome gifts. This ‘Under Control’ pouch is great for stashing all those odds and ends parents can’t leave the house without. Or, this ‘Back to Bed’ tote bag makes a great shopping bag, or general ‘baby stuff’ bag. 

    Please, please, please let me go back to bed tote bag, not on the high street

    notonthehighstreet/AlphabetBags £13.00 + £1.75 P&P


    Home stuff

    Decorative and adorable

    Mum, Dad and the baby duvet sheet set

    notonthehighstreet/TwistedTweeHomewares £26.00 + £3.75 P&P

    Cutsie things for around the house always make a great gift, especially when it’s something as relevant as these ‘Baby Bed Hogger’ pillowcases! The creator of this awesome bedding states that ‘It is a sorry but universal truth of parenthood that those in need of most sleep are allotted the least space!’ You can even personalise them with the new parents’ names!


    Ditch traditional ‘new baby’ gifts and go with something that’ll tickle some funny-bones.

    Let’s face it, they could probably do with a laugh

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