MCM Comicon: Reviewing The Ultimate Geek Fest
  • November 1, 2016
  • Zac Ghaffar Co-founder, The Inside Edit

    Ever fancied being in a room full of tens of thousands of geeks? Well we decided MCM Comicon was exactly the occasion for this, the ultimate geek-fest and mega pop culture festival for fans of comic books, film, anime, TV and games.


    [Watch us in action, you can play our short video at the end of this post]


    So it was with great pleasure that we opened up the secret door to our cupboards where our superhero costumes hang under their own spot lights, for another outing as, Batman and Wonder Woman! And our sidekicks, our mini me’s joined us in their costumes of the same characters too, we couldn’t leave them behind now could we.



    For Leti Wonder Woman is an everyday self-proclaimed title as a mum



    For Leti Wonder Woman is an everyday self-proclaimed title as a mum and of course I can’t argue with that. But Batman I am certainly not…nor am I Bruce Wayne, not even close with my bank account.


    So we donned our outfits and took to public transport where our eye catching alter egos cheered up almost everyone along the way. I was a little worried about my moose knuckles as they never think of how embarrassing it is with your private areas when they make these costumes! I was dreading someone might say ‘Look Batman’ followed by ‘EEww, Balls!’


    Anyway, I was spared any such moments and upon entering Excel, which was entirely occupied by this event, we soon realised what making an effort really meant. It was a proper fan fare, people wearing the most incredible (and expensive looking) costumes – from storm troopers to the whole cast of Aliens. There were ‘Harley Quinns’ from the recent Suicide Squad along with lots of ‘Jokers’ accompanying them. We even saw three blokes dressed up as Lara Croft, hairy bellies and all!


    Our kids are a little young for a lot of what they saw so there was endless explaining to do. But of course, when Bell appeared our daughter Sofia had to engage and have her photo opp’…even if that did mean disturbing them from their well earned rest on the floor.

    mcm comicon the inside edit

    Aside from the wonderful costumes (aptly named ‘cosplay’) and all the fun banter and photo opportunities that comes with it, the event offers you plenty of things to see and do. There are hundreds of exhibitors, from retailers selling discounted games to family run businesses selling gaming merchandise. Clothes, shoes, cupcakes, action figures, retro games, books, lighters, Lego, comic books, artwork… it’s a marketplace of geek pop culture!



    I found myself in a queue waiting to compete in an arcade Street Fighter challenge




    There’s also lots of food, which maybe because the anime influence of the event, seemed to be mainly Japanese. At £5/£6 it’s what you’d expect for a portion of unhealthy but deeply satisfying grub. There is a stage area where you can watch music and performances, book signing with authors, live talks by celebs and even areas where you can play. At one stage I found myself in a queue waiting to compete in an arcade Street Fighter challenge.



    Any self respecting geek will have MCM Comicon in the calendar, but for those who wonder in the sidelines this is something that offers everyone an opportunity to escape the monotony of every day life. It is a chance to become someone else for the day, to brush shoulders with legendary icons and not be judged in any way. Of course, you do get major effort points, but it’s a very well intentioned and an incredibly friendly place – imagine a fancy dress party only much much bigger.


    In summary, we categorically and whole-heartedly believe this shouldn’t be missed. We had a great time and at £15 for a ticket we would recommend everyone give it a go, if at least to say you’ve ‘been there and done that’.





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