Our 5 Favourite Alan Rickman Moments
  • January 15, 2016
  • Rachel Loosley Creative Writer and Social Media Millennial


    We round up our favourite moments from this incredible actor’s career

    British institution and acting legend, Alan Rickman passed away on thursday. This deeply saddening news comes in the same week as the death of another superstar, David Bowie. Both were 69 years-old, and suffering from cancer.

    Messages of grief and sympathy are trending online, mourning this latest passing.






    Rickman was world renowned for his talents on stage and screen, as well as his trademark languid voice. He’s been a heartthrob, a cellist, an evil villain (or two), a potions master, and a secret crush for many.

    We’ve put together our top five Alan Rickman moments

    1. Die Hard
    Hans Gruber


    20th Century Fox

    Rickman was cast as the villainous Hans Gruber just two days after arriving in LA.
    Die Hard rocketed Rickman to critical acclaim in Hollywood, and the movie itself still remains a firm favourite with many. A little known fact about Gruber’s death scene is that Alan Rickman agreed to actually fall to get the shot. He fell 25 feet, onto a crash mat to make his reaction as realistic as possible. What he didn’t realise was that rather than dropping him on 3, as agreed, the director thought they’d get a better reaction if they surprised him, and let him go on 1 instead! That look of horror is as real as it gets!



    2. Sense and Sensibility
    Colonel Brandon



    The honourable, older Colonel Brandon who falls in love with the precocious Marianne (Kate Winslet), by this time Alan Rickman was established in his career and appeared next to some houselhold names in this very popular Jane Austen adaptation.


    3. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
    The Sheriff of Nottingham


    Warner Bros

    Rickman was kitted out in black leathers for his role as the evil Sheriff of Nottingham. His performance earned him a Bafta, and perhaps some new female fans, too. While he played many a villain in his time, this role in particular demonstrates how menacing he could be. There were some good gags thrown in too…

    4. Love Actually



    Harry – high powered boss, husband, and father to two children. While this role allowed him to show a somewhat softer side, Alan’s character still got up to some mischief. Well, an affair with your secretary isn’t as bad as a bank heist I suppose…


    5. Harry Potter
    Severus Snape


    Warner Bros

    Those in the wizarding community will remember Rickman first and foremost as the formidable Professor Snape. The big twist, as everyone knows, is that Snape wasn’t bad after all, in fact it was thanks to him that Voldemort was defeated. The best moment from the entire series of films is the scene where Snape’s heroic actions are revealed. Being a Potter fan myself, this is definitely one of my favourites, and possibly one of the saddest scenes ever. Always.



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